Exterion Media has an important audience in Ireland. Research shows that 86% of all Irish adults have responded in some way to an OOH ad they have seen. We ensure that your campaign reaches a large section of the population of Ireland, especially in the business and shopping centres of Dublin and surrounding areas. 28% of the population of the Republic of Ireland live in Dublin, and more than 40% of people live within 100 km of Dublin.

OOH grabs the attention of the Irish audiences. In combination with TV ads, your consumers become brand aware and know where to find your product. 99% of Irish adults watched TV in the last week, and of this 99%, 96% were in the important 15 – 24 age bracket. This is similar for OOH; 85% of Irish adults have engaged with OOH in the past week. 85% of this figure was for 15 – 24 year olds, demonstrating the importance of OOH for the younger audience.

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We have a range of assets to support and display your campaign. Our transport assets include buses, Aircoaches and trains, modes of transport which are used by millions of people including tourists. Our retail, digital mall and billboard assets create an audience which is engaged with our OOH and responds well to advertising. 

Find out below the different OOH products we offer in Ireland:

For more information please visit the Exterion Media Ireland website.

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Looking for something else? Why not check out what we have in our other markets, like the impactful Bus T-side you can see here in Belfast.

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