Exterion Media has the widest range of Out-of-Home advertising formats in Ireland.  Advertisers can reach the lucrative Irish consumer across audience rich environments; Roadside, Commuter and Shopping.  The company markets and manages Out-of-Home assets for the largest public transport companies - Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann and Irish Rail - thus delivering unrivalled reach in audience delivery.  Exterion Media have spearheaded the development of digital Out-of-Home formats in Ireland and delivers the largest audience of any Media Owner across commuter and retail networks.

Exterion Media are also responsible for the iconic Aircoach and the large format dX digital Network.

Campaign accountability is provided by JNOR (Joint National Outdoor Research) with insights into audience behaviours delivered by award the winning WorkShopPlay panel, the Digital Effect (insights into the efficacy of digital Out-of-Home) and The Right Track (insights into the effectiveness of advertising in the rail environment).

Key insights into the behaviour of Irish audiences include:

  • 82% of Irish Urban audiences have seen an Out-of-Home ad in the past week

  • 77% of Irish Urban audiences have seen an ad on the outside of a bus on their way to work

  • Irish Urbanites prefer to shop in Malls rather than the high street : 45% Female, 47% Male

  • 47% of Irish Urbanites have been reminded to buy something as a result of seeing an Out-of-Home ad 

Find out below the different OOH products we offer in Ireland:

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