Exterion Media is a key player in OOH in the Netherlands. We reach over 70% of the Dutch population, making us perfectly placed to display your campaign.

Our assets include coverage in national rail (NS) stations. 2.2 million commuters use the rail network daily and make over 348 million trips a year. This equates to a very important audience that is vital to reach. The train is the most commonly-used transport for daily commutes. The rail network covers most of the country and connects almost every Dutch city. Your audiences will be brand-aware country-wide.

Street furniture in the Netherlands provides national OOH coverage with 24/7 visibility. Formats include bus shelters and standalone 2m2 Eurpanels, ensuring a large audience. Street furniture is a flexible option and can be bought selectively per location and per city, as well as nationally.

As a market leader, Exterion Media reaches 65% of Amsterdam Metropolitan Area through a variety of advertising environments & products. Together with the Rotterdam Metropolitan Area, this forms the Randstad, a region which is very important economically within the Netherlands. We use our knowledge of the population and the area to create carefully targeted OOH ads that bring maximal returns.

We have digital screens in Amsterdam Central station which are seen by the 295,000 people who travel into, out of and through it every day. This audience consists of valuable tourists and high-earnings workers and shoppers. 

Roadside billboards are an important aspect of national advertising. Our boards are located at busy intersections and roads and business areas for maximum coverage. This can be combined with regional bus advertising which is a popular mode of transport in Amsterdam. Approximately 750,000 people travel on the buses every day, making this an important way to showcase your OOH. With only 20 buses available for your ads which operate on alternating routes, we can maximise the impact of your campaign and reach your affluent target audience.

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