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Power, Pride & Passion with Exterion Media

At Global, our mission is to engage the nation one journey at a time through the power of Outdoor advertising, pride in our unique environments and the passion of our people.

Underpinning our mission are our values, our guiding principles on how we live, breathe and work with each other at Global. These values enable us to work together effectively, more positively and call out professionally where we may need to change tack. We ask our teams to constantly think about the values when making decisions or interacting across our business, they form the core of how we approach what we do. 

Check them out below. 

Move as one
We spend most of our waking hours at work. 

We see each other every day. We care about each other.
We support, challenge, collaborate, get on, fall out (sometimes, not always), share experiences, share knowledge and help each other grow and develop.

Our team works best when we all look out for each other and work together. 

We all have different skills but, when we blend our talents, we are the strongest we can be. 

We move as one.

Make strong moves

Some people want it to happen.
Some wish it would happen.

Others make it happen.

It’s simple really. It’s all about seeing an opportunity, moving quickly, taking action and getting stuff done.

So, if you see something that doesn’t work. Fix it. Take responsibility, own the problem, identify a solution and take action.

We always believe we can do things better. It’s on you to take action and make strong moves.

Bring the yes!

We don’t say yes to everything, but we all have the responsibility to challenge negativity.
Moaning and groaning doesn’t get the job done. It doesn’t help get a tricky situation resolved.

But, tackling things together with pride and passion gives us the power to succeed.
Use Pride, Passion and Power to bring the yes to a situation and you’ll notice things change, for the better.

Think you can
Work, like life, is full of challenges.

We love a challenge. We don’t fear it, we face it, we stare it down, overcome doubt and believe we will nail it.
We are all unique; that’s what makes us special. We all have different backgrounds, experiences and ambitions but the one thing we all have in common is belief.

Belief in ourselves. Belief in our business. Belief is powerful.

Think You Can and, you know what? You’re probably right.

Celebrate the wins
We are all experts in what we do. However, we know things don’t always go the way we intended.

When things go right, when success happens... that’s when we celebrate. Properly.

You may think your ‘thank you’ is insignificant and it won’t make a difference. You’re wrong.

So, say thank you on a small scale, big scale, whatever; no one cares how you do it. Just do it.
And, when all those thanks come together, we celebrate the wins.
We want to be known as a team of winners, obviously. But, more importantly, we want to be a team that, win, lose or draw, come together and celebrate what’s important…each other.

In 2019 we kicked off our Power, Pride & Passion Perpectives series. Watch it below and keep an eye out on our Linkedin channel for more episodes.


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