Are you plugged in for Digital?

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, digital capability will, without doubt, be high on the agenda. As connectivity continues to evolve at breakneck speed, those from across the media and marketing industries, myself included, are eager to share learnings about how we can harness the power of mobile to boost our own digital offerings.

Media owners must ensure they’re plugging in the right capabilities for advertisers. In Out-of-Home (OOH), beacon technology is rolling out across our nationwide bus and rail network, and the London Underground, providing brands with access to consumers on the move via their mobile device. 

As a result, this month sees Shazam and Fox bring the first beacon-enabled advertising campaign to London buses for the release of Kung Fu Panda 3. 

Promotion of the film will begin at the end of February with T-sides and Supersides on buses across the capital, before coming directly to commuter mobile devices on the day of the movie’s launch on 11 March. Passengers using the Shazam app will be served bespoke content including the trailer, and have the ability to book cinema tickets directly via their device. 

For Fox, it allows them to significantly increase their reach into an audience they normally wouldn’t have access to. The technology will also return accurate data that’s directly linked to sales and can be analysed and applied to future campaigns.

Until now, pedestrians have been the predominant recipient when it comes to bus advertising, but now brands have the ability to reach commuters directly during the millions of bus journeys being made every month.

We believe that mobile will become a seamless extension of OOH; the industry will be transformed if we collectively embrace mobile technology like beacons and establish common standards to benefit the industry as a whole. 

We are committed to digital innovation and are bringing new technologies from around the world into our media network. But, we don’t believe all the expertise has to lie within our building – we’re growing our partner network to be able to execute today’s ideas tomorrow.

We recently partnered with OOH agency Kinetic to test and learn more about how consumers and brands can effectively engage in real life, via mobile, around specific moments, habits or activities, using beacons. 

Advertisers are able to send targeted and timely content to mobile devices at moments when consumers are most receptive. They will have access to a range of opportunities including push, pull and personalisation campaigns across a network initially covering 10 million passenger journeys a month.

Digital placements will account for more than half of OOH ad spending by 2018, according to eMarketer, and data, along with connectivity, is key to getting the best out of digital platforms. 

We have partnered with O2 to release Abi, a new insights tool for marketers that draws on anonymous aggregated data from Telefónica UK’s 25 million O2 customers.

Abi identifies the millions of journeys made on the London Underground every day and overlays on these journeys location and behavioural data from the O2 customer base. The dashboard allows brands to plan campaigns around the crowd behaviours of aggregated groups from three core sources: mobile activity from devices within the network, anonymised CRM data for the O2 network, behaviour collected via app usage and web browsing. 

The tool protects customers’ information and data by anonymising and aggregating all information – users only ever see crowds, never the identification of an individual.
This is huge for the industry. The level of insight to be gained from analysing behavioural data just does not exist in the highly modelled, static data that has, until now, been applied to dynamic environments. 

We believe in making the everyday inspirational and want to transform ordinary journeys into extraordinary experiences for consumers. By partnering with the right people to gain access to ‘best in class’ data and digital capabilities, the OOH industry now has the capability to do exactly that. 

Blog by Shaun Gregory, CEO, Exterion Media

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