Festival of Marketing: Elevate your innovative campaigns with insight

Suzy Jordan at The Festival of Marketing

At this year’s Festival of Marketing, the increasingly important role of data and insight was debated by marketers and publishers from almost every angle - from “What Role is Social Data Playing in Digital Transformation?” to “Communication in Real Time: Creating an Insight Strategy Fit for the Future”, and “The Guardian: Creating a Data Driven Culture”. 

The importance of collecting the right data, and more importantly, knowing what to do with it, is nothing new, but the breadth of innovation resulting from the increasingly sophisticated use of data continues to push the boundaries. 

In Out-of-Home (OOH), it is digital that’s driving market sector growth - Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) has grown 312% in the past seven years, according to industry trade body Outsmart - and this is underpinned by data and connectivity. 

Data, and the partnerships helping industry players to acquire more and better quality data, are increasingly enabling OOH media owners to facilitate personalised experiences, interactivity and the creation of bespoke content. 

This is evidenced by the wealth of clever, real-time advertising we’ve seen this year, such as Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s award-winning #LookingForYou and Wall’s Goodbye Serious campaigns at Westfield.

Earlier in the year, we partnered with Telefónica UK to boost the consumer insights we can offer to our advertisers. Telefónica uses anonymous data from across its mobile network of 24 million O2 devices. It processes relevant big data events created by a selection of these devices then analyses the trends and patterns within the data to help understand more about audience behaviour and the movement of populations at an aggregated level.

Insights from the anonymised data include: demographic profiling, where consumers live and work, when and how often they visit locations, how they travel, and mobile phone, app and web activity. This is giving us an unprecedented opportunity to develop highly targeted and tailored campaigns for our customers. 

Insight is at the heart of what we do because it’s so important for clients and agencies to understand the value of our audiences, in order to communicate their brand messages effectively, in the right place, at the right time. 

We have run campaigns for Eurostar, for example, which were able to show commuters real-time train schedules and pricing on the London Underground. Meanwhile, Channel 4 News used live news and social media updates in its digital OOH advertising to encourage London commuters to tune into the news programme later on in the day.

Our award-winning consumer panel work.shop.play. is another vital source of insight for us. Made up of people aged 16+ who spend time working, shopping, or playing in the UK’s towns and cities, the panel has grown to more than 10,000 members over the last three years. 

Using work.shop.play., we can really get under the skin of urban audiences across the UK. We’ve carried out research using our panel into areas as diverse as consumer views on gaming and fast food, to what people think of the Baby on Board badges women wear on the tube. 

Our latest research project focused on the high street consumer, giving detailed insight into the motivations of shoppers and their behaviours, and how advertising can be optimised for this audience, offering vital information to brands finalising their Christmas strategy. 

It found, for example, that 9 out of 10 people enjoy the high street experience and two thirds make purchases they hadn’t planned for while they are out and about. 

It’s more important than ever for advertisers to make strategic and creative decisions based on insight not instinct.  Make sure you’ve got the right data and technology tools - proprietary or partnership - at your fingertips.

Blog by Suzy Jordan, first published on The Festival of Marketing

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