Exterion Media switches on new digital media channel across the London Underground network

Exterion Media - DX3 launch November 2017

Hello London, the media partnership between Transport for London (TfL) and Exterion Media, has today launched DX3, London’s newest digital advertising channel. From the beginning of February next year, there will be 60 new digital displays across the London Underground network, hosting dynamic, full-motion content, which customers will be able to watch when standing on station platforms. Jaguar, LG, Gillette, Tesco and EOS are the first brands to display content across the digital network.

These digital platform displays are a significant investment in TfL’s advertising estate, and part of Hello London’s wider strategy, which looks at creative new ways to increase revenue and enhance advertising. TfL has seen an increase in its advertising revenue with more than £140m generated in the last year to be invested back in the transport network.

The displays, which are 4.5m x 2.4m in size, will be located at 15 different Tube stations within Zone 1 and Zone 2, starting at five of the Tube’s most popular stations, including Liverpool Street and Oxford Circus. DX3 enables advertisers to reach one of the world’s most diverse and engaged audiences with millions of people using the London Underground every day.

Chris Reader, Head of Commercial Media at TfL, said: “Our new Hello London DX3 network is an exciting addition to the Tube, making it more attractive to brands by allowing them to engage with the London audience and create more memorable moments for our customers. We are investing £80m as part of Hello London to raise further revenues to reinvest in our transport network from our advertising estate, which is already the most valuable in the world.”

Dave King, Managing Director at Exterion Media UK, said: “With Londoners spending more time out of their homes than the rest of the UK, DX3 is a fantastic channel to connect with this hard-to-reach, light TV-viewing audience – complementing video on demand and TV. The high-definition displays will provide advertisers scale, reach, flexibility and immediacy like no other channel in London.”

David Hall, Marketing Manager for LG Electronics, said:
“To promote LG OLED TV, we required a slick advertising platform that reflected our high-definition, innovative product – and DX3 certainly delivers this. Advertising on DX3 has enabled us to use full-motion, stunning creative to reach the valuable London audience whilst they’re out and about, in an active mindset and in close proximity to shops stocking our products.”

LG’s campaign was planned and booked by was planned and booked by Arena Media and Adcity UK.

NEC UK produced the projector technical design and telent provided the technical services for installation.

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