Exterion Media's Top 5 Campaigns of 2016

Exterion Media is celebrating five of the most creative and innovative campaigns that we’ve seen across our media over the past year – rewarding those that have made a real impact and helped make ordinary journeys extraordinary for the urban audience.

We want to recognise those who have generated high-impact and engaging campaigns that have helped create inspirational moments with compelling content across our portfolio.

In no particular order, we feel the following campaigns demonstrated some of the very best Out-of-Home campaigns in 2016:

Supercell ‘Clash of Clans’ London domination

Who knew that the Clash of Clans universe had such a colourful backstory! Clash of Clans dominated the city of London with ads on London Underground and across Westfield to tell London “True Tales of Clash Achievery”. From the “day giants learned to fly” to when “the wizard let none pass”, the various epic moments brought colour and deeper engagement into what is one of our favourite mobile games. From corridor wraps to platform dominations, the campaign really brightened up what otherwise was a very blue January last year.

Clash of Clans Domination

Spotify – “Thanks 2016, it’s been weird” cross-track domination and Showcase Squares

Anything that can make a commuter smile is a winner in our eyes. Spotify definitely managed to do this with their cross-track domination and Showcase Square campaign. With multiple creatives featuring real playlist names to grab our attention, these two were our particular favourites:  

“DO NOT DELETE THIS POOTY OR I WILL END YOU” is a playlist. Be careful Pooty. They seem serious.

Dear 3,749 people who streamed “it’s the end of the world as we know it” the day of the Brexit vote,……hang in there.

It was great to see Spotify put its vast collection of data to playful and effective use, brightening up both ours and millions of Londoners’ commutes!

Spotify Cross Track Domination

Magnum - Release the Beast: Dare to Double up Lenticular Buses

Another clear winner for us was Magnum’s 2016 Release the Beast: Dare to Double up campaign – which executed innovation on Bus like never before. Not only did it turn heads, but it also pushed the boundaries of creativity on Bus and became a market-leading campaign - achieving media first status on NRM Bus Wraps thanks to its additional lenticular panels! The animal print was daring and the clever use of lenticular technology had people double-taking the moving creative displayed on the side of the Bus. This campaign epitomised the true meaning of innovation and creativity on Bus!

Magnum Lenticulars

Gumtree – “Don’t worry David” tactical digital Out-of-Home

We really loved Gumtree’s tactical and reactive digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) campaign on London Underground following the news of Theresa May’s appointment as the UK’s next Prime Minister. This was a unique and clever use of the flexibility of DOOH to quickly deliver topical, tongue-in-cheek content to the Capital in the wake of such high-profile news. We loved the quick creative reaction and on-topic content – as did London’s commuters!

Gumtree LCD1

Marie Curie – “Join Team Amy” immersive station takeover

We are very proud to be able to provide opportunities for awareness-raising campaigns and important charities like Marie Curie. Marie Curie’s ongoing immersive and innovative Out-of-Home campaign on our National Rail sites across the UK has created an engaging experience for commuters and drove a huge response – smashing the target of 600 donations in each station! We were delighted to hear that the campaign was such a success – even encouraging one generous donor in Scotland to sign up to £100 a month! We’re thrilled to see this campaign continue into 2017. 

Marie Curie Station Domination

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