Exterion Media challenges CEO, Shaun Gregory, to run the London Marathon for the NSPCC and Childline

Shaun Gregory is running the London Marathon

We, the team at Exterion Media, are challenging our CEO, Shaun Gregory, to run the London Marathon. And to make it even more difficult we’ve set up a moneygiving page for him to raise a huge £25,000 for the NSPCC and Childline.

A tough challenge! And with 23rd April fast approaching, we need your support to encourage Shaun to make it over the finishing line and raise money for such an important cause. We’ve committed Shaun to a gruelling training programme, making him run endless miles each week in honour of the astounding work of Childline. He will probably be spending much of the next few weeks in a lot of pain - that said, we still believe he can do it!

Here’s Shaun’s story in his own words:

“About a year ago I was invited to work more closely with the NSPCC, and in particular Childline. I joined the Board so I could make a difference to something I care dearly about. Some of you will remember when Esther Rantzen launched Childline in 1986 – a staggering 50,000 calls were made from children reaching out for help and support. As a reminder, Childline is a free counselling service for children in danger or distress. Every year, over a million children in the UK call Childline for support and advice on issues such as low self-esteem, unhappiness, abuse, bullying and self-harm. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“I was tempted to bore you with my training stories, and the commitment to running endless miles every week, culminating in the ‘big Sunday run’. However, that sacrifice seems insignificant in comparison to what some children go through. They aren’t as lucky as most of us, and having spent time alongside the Childline counsellors, I can assure you that what these people do is absolutely amazing.

“So, on 23rd April I’m running the London Marathon for the NSPCC and Childline. For someone fast approaching 50 (a few years to go yet!), this is a huge challenge. What’s more, I’m setting the bar high and aiming to raise £25,000. I know that won’t be easy, but I also know that people will dig deep for what is a truly worthwhile cause. What’s more I’ll be matching the closest ten estimates to my finishing time, so dig deep with that in mind! Thanks so much, from me, but also from the NSPCC and Childline. Making any donation is helping keep more children safe and supported, in an ever changing and challenging world.”

The link to Shaun’s sponsorship page is below, and don’t forget to add your estimated finishing time.


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