Shaun Gregory features on CNBC's Investing Edge

Shaun Gregory CNBC interview

Our very own Shaun Gregory appeared on CNBC’s Investing Edge program, talking about the recent ad-blocking debate. 

Advertisers want to be in environments where there’s more engagement with consumers in the right way, so I don’t think it’s a bad thing for the industry

Shaun speaks of his excitement for what is currently happening with the Out of Home sector, stating that the long term trends are very positive. 

Our medium is very different, it’s forming part of the fabric of our society”  

He also explains that the OOH sector is innovating quite quickly with approximately 1/3 now being digital, from the ways in which people interact with ads to the way that they purchase products. 

With online media, digital media and mobile media in particular you are reaching a point of possibly saturation, hence the ad blocking and other things that you’re seeing in those sectors

In the interview, Shaun also talks about how OOH is moving from being a classic traditional position into a very digitalised engagement position. 

Watch the full interview here 

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