Shaun Gregory presents at Ad:tech

Our CEO, Shaun Gregory, presented at ad:tech London this month, the annual event where the modern marketing and media community meets to discover and share the latest trends, innovations and technologies.

Ad:tech 2015 Shaun Gregory

Shaun's speech followed Steve Hatch from Facebook, and talked about the changing nature of OOH. Reflecting on the mediums heritage, he talked about how our company is moving from paper and paste, to data and digital. Citing a few examples, and the latest industry trends and forecasts, he made a compelling case for why OOH is as exciting as any other social or technology company. Our approach to leveraging from data and the potential to get to the 'path to purchase' were referenced.

Ad:tech 2015 Shaun Gregory

Shaun made some pretty bold predictions, starting with forecasting the future growth of the sector. He followed with some digital forecasts through to 2020, emphasised the importance of mobile and talked about new entrants coming into the space. He believes we're not far away from seeing the likes of Facebook and Google entering our space - their ambitions all centre around mobile and connecting cities. As our medium evolves, and connectivity becomes ubiquitous, the companies will want to play. Google has already started doing so in the US.

He also gave a few 'post match' interviews where he talked about the importance of being at Ad:tech, what emerging marketers need to think about and why Exterion Media has innovation at the top of its agenda.

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