Valentine's Day research: If you want to please your loved one- keep it under wraps research reveals top PDAs Britons can’t stand on Valentine’s Day

New research from reveals that public displays of affection aren’t the way to go this Valentine’s Day. Out of 1,386 UK respondents, a whopping 75 per cent dislike public displays of affection, such as sending your love flowers at the office or boasting about your day on social media, which 96 per cent of Brits loathe. 

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, findings show that private declarations of love are the way to a Brit’s heart. The most popular gift Brits want to receive on the special day is breakfast in bed, with 85 per cent considering it romantic and thoughtful. Brits also love receiving flowers and chocolates but only as long as it’s not in public - with 82 per cent enjoying the gift if it’s waiting at home and 67 per cent revealing they’d be unhappy if it was sent to the office. And if you’re tempted to take your partner for a romantic weekend, a night in a fancy hotel is also a great idea for 77 per cent of Brits surveyed.

However, beware if Valentine’s Day is the date you’ve chosen to propose to your partner. Nearly 70 per cent of Brits across the UK think proposing on the holiday is a turn off. Women across the UK actually find a proposal on the day less romantic and thoughtful than men (30%) while 36 per cent of men think it’s a good idea.

Londoners on average find the gesture even more cheesy and cringe-worthy with 73 per cent in agreement. However, Britons in the North would actually love a marriage proposal on the holiday with 50 per cent finding it romantic, followed by, 46 per cent in Scotland, 43 per cent in the Midlands and Wales and per cent in South England.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day turn-offs


Top 5 Valentine’s Day turn-ons


PDA on social media


Breakfast in bed


PDA in general 


Flowers waiting at home


Marriage proposal


Chocolates waiting at home


Chocolates delivered to the office 


Weekend break away


Flowers delivered to the office


Valentine’s Day card


Anthony Waithe, Research Director at Exterion Media said: “Using our online community, we’ve been researching the opinions of urbanites across the UK for years. It’s intriguing to see that public displays of affection are disliked by almost all men and women across the UK – especially on social media. The majority of Britons now prefer simple and private gestures as opposed to grand ones, so lovers take note!”

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