Westfield London kicks off £600m expansion with new John Lewis store

Westfield London will become Europe’s largest shopping centre thanks to its £600m expansion—and the stunning new John Lewis store that opened earlier this week is just the start.

Development will continue throughout 2018 and will include more than 90 new shops, cafés, restaurants and leisure outlets, cementing Westfield London’s position as the continent’s number one retail destination.

Westfield Phase 2 launch

Westfield is a unique environment for advertisers to reach and engage people. Visitors are in a ‘buying’ state of mind, more receptive to acting on impulse or inspiration—and this expansion means an additional 10m visitors through Westfield London’s doors every year.

As Westfield co-CEO Steven Lowy told CNBC this week, technology and retail destinations need to work harder together to support an evolving market. To help meet that opportunity, we’re delivering data-led, dynamic and experiential activity across Westfield’s digital assets.

Westfield Phase 2 launch

Westfield’s shopping centres are destinations in their own right, linked intimately to the city’s transport infrastructure. In fact, 62% of all visitors travel to Westfield London on the Tube, Bus or Train.

So, we’re enhancing their experience through advertising on Westfield’s uniquely designed assets that echo the design of the mall—including the 80 new, full-motion D6s the company is installing as part of its expansion. These 75” high definition screens give brands a canvas for more creative, engaging messages, driven by our data and insight – which also bring with them increased accountability.

2018 will be a huge year for Westfield. Watch this space!

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