World-class partnership for a world-class city

March 2016 was an exciting and pivotal moment for Exterion Media, its clients and partners, and the Out-of-Home industry.

Transport for London (TfL) chose Exterion Media as its partner for the largest Outdoor advertising contract in the world. The award includes the London Underground, DLR, Elizabeth Line (formerly Crossrail), London Overground and London Tramlink, and sets the foundation for a ground-breaking commercial partnership that will transform the Out-of-Home landscape.

We have a joint, bold vision for the London Rail network that will fundamentally change the look and feel of advertising in the Capital, and the way brands connect with consumers.  Our new partnership calls for new and innovative ways of working together, including better data capture to improve our understanding of London audiences.  It’s also an incredible platform to investigate new opportunities, such as media for equity, and working with start-ups to beacon technology and more targeted content.

So, what are the foundations of our new world-class partnership?

Our vision is to grow Out-of-Home and, in our view, the key to this is collaboration. Strategic partnerships, like ours with TfL, will enable us to unlock new revenue streams and grow OOH. We realise we don’t know everything there is to know, so we look to partner with experts in every area.

We pride ourselves on our partnerships with best-in-class data, creativity and technology experts, delving into SOOH (Social Out-of-Home) with the likes of TINT and SeenIt.  Recently, we deployed the first beacon-enabled ad campaign on London buses in a partnership with Shazam and Fox. Further to this, we also collaborate with other media owners, developing cross-media solutions with brands such Evening Standard, Time Out and Wired, as well as data experts, mobile and social platforms.

Understanding audiences through data is also fundamental to achieving our ambitions. The biggest driver for increased data usage in advertising is to communicate, engage and serve customers better and provide more intelligence around campaigns; both in front-end planning, in-campaign, and back-end measurement stages. Through data we now have the ability to segment and target audiences based on their interests and behaviours, in the right context, whilst also achieving broadcast scale.

For example, we have one of the most advanced behavioural tools to help us understand consumers on the London Underground and their journey patterns - Abi (Audience Behavioural Insights). Abi is a new insights tool for marketers that draws on anonymous aggregated data from Telefónica UK’s 25 million O2 customers, to generate actionable demographic and behavioural detail about London Underground users.

Our award-winning consumer panel is another vital source of insight for us. Made up of people aged 16+ who spend time working, shopping, and  playing in the UK’s towns and cities, the panel has grown to nearly 11,000 members over the last few years.

Making our medium even more accountable, we are further strengthening our data and insights through third party partnerships, such as with Beyond Analysis, to understand audiences beyond the network and to identify transactional patterns.

With this deep understanding of our audiences, we can ensure we have a world-class environment and assets to enhance their experience across the network.

Through our TfL partnership, we will enhance passenger journeys and consumer engagement for brands by improving station ambience through more attractive assets (including a suite of premium displays in key stations), rationalising and improved placement sympathetic to station environments. We have also worked with experts in urban transport design and conducted extensive station audits to develop a set of advertising Planning and Placement Principles, which ensure our robust asset strategy contributes to elevating the customer experience.

Recently, at Ad Week Europe we celebrated our DEP’s (Digital Escalator Panel) 10th anniversary - marking Exterion Media’s role in leading the DOOH movement with the first digital screens that launched on the London Underground a decade ago. We’re continuing to pave the way, by pushing the boundaries of OOH through innovation, data, digital and a world-class estate. In doing this, we are creating inspiring experiences for consumers, improved accountability and efficiency for advertisers, and brand fame.

We’re creating a city experience like no other with a new business model for Out-of-Home - built on partnerships, data and innovation.

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