1000th New Routemaster Bus

If it’s happening on the 1000th New Routemaster Bus, it’s happening with eBay! 

 ebay Christmas wrapped Bus

Positioning itself at the heart of the conversation around Christmas, eBay has placed itself at the heart of UK cities with a festive Wrapped Bus campaign – with added twinkly lights. 


Reminding urban audiences that “It’s [all] happening on eBay!”, the four-week campaign can be found in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Edinburgh - with bespoke messaging, such as “If it’s happening in the Merry Midlands, it’s happening on eBay” and “If it’s happening in Yuletide Yorkshire, it’s happening on eBay”. 


As part of this activity, eBay became the brand to deliver the 1000th New Routemaster (NRM) Wrapped Bus. 


The campaign was planned and booked by MediaCom and Kinetic. 

Rosie Hanley, Head of Brand Marketing at eBay said: "Exterion Media has allowed us to deliver a festive message to Christmas shoppers and especially our key target audience of families. These bus wraps give us the ability to geographically localise our message – and we liked the opportunity to do something different with a burst of vibrant colours designed to bring joy to everyone this holidays however you celebrate them – just like shopping on eBay .”  

Charlotte Mullan, Business director on eBay at MediaCom said: “We’re so pleased to be using the bus wraps and lights for eBay’s Christmas campaign and privileged to be Exterion’s 1,000th bus wrap. The format has enabled us to stand out in a key retail period and illustrate how eBay can help people celebrate Christmas in their own way.” 

Nicole Guerretta, Head of Franchise – Bus & National Rail said: “It’s great to see eBay jumping onboard and wrapping the 1000th iconic London NRM Wrapped Bus! It’s been almost three years since the very first NRM Wrapped Bus decorated the streets – and what a journey it’s been to today. We’re so proud of pioneering this fantastic product that is a unique format for advertisers to bring their message to the high streets.”

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