A day in the life of a London commuter

Route's Out and About research has highlighted some interesting stats about how many Out-of-Home adverts we see in just one day. So meet Dave, our fictional Londoner who brings these stats to life!

7.30 am, his alarm rings to life and Dave knows Monday has begun. He walks sleepily across the room and opens the curtains, allowing the sunlight to pour through. Dave can see the city is already lively, too lively for a Monday morning he thinks. A bus goes past advertising banking services which reminds him, he must visit his bank at lunch time.


Dave begins his commute on a bus from Canonbury. Sitting on the bus, he finds himself staring at a holiday advert and decides to spend his time wisely. He gets out his phone and begins searching for holidays. After searching through a few options on his phone, Dave realises he needs to get off at the next stop. He puts his phone away with the intention of continuing his holiday search that evening. 


As he enters Highbury & Islington Tube station, Dave goes down the escalator taking in a range of colourful adverts promoting things to do in London. He really should take advantage of all these things to do - maybe he’ll take his Mum out for her birthday next month.

Dave boards the Tube. Luckily he only has a 7 minute journey to Oxford Circus. For the next 15 minutes Dave is in a world of his own, listening to his music and searching through his phone. Finally he arrives at work, ready for his Monday morning meeting.


6.00pm, Dave is back at the Tube station. As he approaches the ticket barrier, he notices that they look more interesting and colourful than usual. A drinks brand has used the barriers to advertise their new summer drink. Dave decides he should see if his friends fancy grabbing a drink- it’s been a while since he’s seen them, and those ads have made him want to sit in a beer garden with good company and have a nice cold beverage! He uses the free Wi-Fi to message his friends and arrange to meet for a drink near Highbury & Islington station.


Standing on the platform, Dave is exposed to more adverts from the same drinks brand. He definitely feels thirsty now. That’s not the only thing on his mind though as he’s staring at an ad from another holiday brand promoting last minute deals. He’ll certainly check those out tonight.

As Dave boards the Tube there are even more adverts to keep him occupied. He spots an ad for a bar promoting Monday Happy Hour. Dave definitely needs a drink now.


Dave greets his friends outside the station, and remembers seeing the advert for Happy Hour drinks at a bar not too far away. They head straight there, ready for a nice cold beverage to get over a long Monday.

*stats from Route Out and About research

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