An interview with Lesley Dusart

Lesley Dusart - MediaWeek 30 under 30 winner

We’re so proud that our very own Senior Research Executive, Lesley Dusart, has been selected as one of Media Week’s ‘30 under 30’.

We spoke to Lesley about her role, the industry and what her dream job would be if working in media wasn’t an option.

  1. Tell us about your role and what about it makes you tick?

    As a Senior Research Executive, I have the opportunity to make sure that insight truly sits at the heart of our business. Working in the research team, no two days are the same; from exploring the habits and behaviours of the urban audience, to better understanding how consumers interact with our advertising, everything that we undertake as a team is imperative to ensuring that insight underpins the way we talk to our clients and agencies.

    I love finding out about different people, places and behaviours - and this is part of what makes my role at Exterion Media so interesting. Audiences are ever-changing, and in my job I’m lucky enough to get to continuously investigate the ‘how’, ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ behind this.

  2. Describe your biggest contribution to the media industry

    One of the biggest contributions I’ve made to the wider media industry is my work building the award-winning research panel to over 11,000 members, making it the largest urban research panel in the UK. I ensure our media-neutral online dashboards are fully accessible to clients and agencies, allowing them to better understand target audiences across a broader media spectrum. My efforts in promoting these have resulted in a 32% YOY growth in online traffic since June 2016, and my work championing and developing has been pivotal to bringing in a significant amount (not allowed to give you the exact figure...sorry!) in revenue in Q1 2017.

  3. If working in media wasn’t an option, what would be your dream job?

    Whilst I love what I currently do (who wouldn’t love a career where every day is different?!), everyone needs a Plan B!

    With a degree in Politics, I’ve always been inspired by people who fight for what they believe in. If I didn’t work in Media, I would become a full-time gender equality campaigner for international women’s rights.

    I fiercely believe that more needs to be done to help build a world in which the choices you can make and the control you have over your life are no longer determined by your gender. Working for a gender equality charity and alongside the Women’s Equality Party, I would fight for equal representation, pay and opportunities for women (after all, we do make up 50% of the population).

    The future for a successful Media industry – and indeed any industry – lies in diversity and inclusion. 

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