An urban audience that is looking for romance - on their mobile phones!

Exterion Media Advertising

Increasingly, online dating is becoming the ‘norm’ among the urban audience. 

Nearly two thirds agree that online dating websites/apps are a good way to meet new people, whilst almost a quarter think they take the stress out of dating – showing there is definitely a place for these kinds of services within their hectic diaries and time-poor lifestyles.

What’s more – they seem to work! 60% of the urban audience say they know couples that have met via an online dating website/app – increasing up to 75% of urbanites aged 16-34.

It’s perhaps no surprise that having a large number of active users is particularly important to urban audience users of these kinds of websites/apps – with this feature coming second in importance only to the service being easy to use. Having a ‘large pool’ of potential matches doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s about quantity, not quality, but brands still need to make sure their message is spread far and wide to attract and encourage lonely-hearts and romance-seekers to sign up. 

59% of those who have used or are currently using online dating websites/apps would be willing to pay for ‘extras’ on these kinds of services – with unlimited matches and organised events proving particularly popular. 

When it comes to matters of the heart, recommendations from those they know and love is the main way the urban audience finds out about online dating websites/apps. However, advertising or things they’ve seen whilst out and about comes in close second highlighting the key role of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising for brands in this industry.

Understanding audiences is key to Exterion Media’s business. Our award-winning consumer panel of 11,000 members - - allows us to have unique and regular dialogue with valuable urban audiences across the UK. Check out our free online research dashboards to find out more.

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