Campaigns of the month - May 2016

Red Bull rule the streets with striking Culture Clash creative

In an effort to make some noise about the return of its biggest music battle ‘Culture Clash’, Red Bull deployed the ultimate attention-grabbing campaign across London buses this month. Red Bull were keen to make sure that no one in London could miss the bold arrival of the clash finale, which takes place on the 17th June in London’s atmospheric O2 Arena.   

Culture Clash’s return to London for the battle culmination is big news for live-music loving urbanites, who will have been following the contest heats in Bristol and Manchester. The campaign creative, wrapped around Exterion Media’s London bus format, boldly embodied the hype and excitement for Culture Clash’s ground-breaking concept; the hotly anticipated musical showdown between heavyweight sound systems and famed challengers such as Major Lazor and A$AP Mob. These giant posters have been flaunting details of the final instalment, in preparation for crowning the Culture Clash champions in front of a large crowd.

This campaign was planned by AMS and booked by Talon with Exterion Media.

Eurostar use digital to reveal glimpses into their new ‘state-of-the-art’ fleet    

Eurostar carried out a tactical, high-impact campaign this month, capitalising on Exterion Media’s cross-track domination opportunities and digital dynamic capabilities to promote its new state-of-the-art trains and luxury services to travellers of all types; families and youths to leisure and business.

The captivating dynamic creative, allowed viewers to peer into a window on the train, intending to showcase the different luxury services and updated facilities available on-board the brand new Eurostar. The digital films resonated with each audience type and their different penchants within a luxurious travel experience.  Some of the films referred to the added “Je ne sais quoi” of the on-board catering service, while others revealed the new train’s ability to let travellers “catch up” on work or “wind down” with the Wi-Fi and additional entertainment provisions on-board.

The static domination creative followed this same aim of bringing to life the on-board experience of the new fleet to travellers at two of London’s busiest stations; Kings Cross and Waterloo. Each panel across the entire platform acted as a window for revealing the lavish new world of Eurostar on-board the fleet.

The campaign was planned and booked with Exterion Media by Carat, Posterscope and LivePoster.  

Sony Pictures use dramatic Digiwall format for new Thriller Money Monster

Sony Pictures launched a dramatic, Digital Out-of-Home campaign at London Liverpool Street station this month to support the release of the new high stakes thriller ‘Money Monster’, starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

The campaign utilised Exterion Media’s striking Digiwall format at Liverpool Street station. The mixing of digital and static on this format created a truly dramatic scene for commuters in keeping with the intense storyline of the film. The Digiwall was part of a multi-tactic campaign to encourage curiosity in the film’s dark, satirical narrative and was positioned in front of the eyes of commuters on the move.

This campaign was planned by MG-OMD and booked with Exterion Media by Talon.

 X-Men Apocalypse

We saw another film announcement this month, this time supporting the exciting release of ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ - the latest instalment from the critically acclaimed American superhero franchise. The campaign profited from bus advertising’s unique ability to reach and communicate with a large and valuable audience on the move to create top of mind awareness and create excitement about the new addition to the X-Men series.

The creative, which draws heavily on the team of mutants superhuman abilities was hard to miss as it travelled around the City on the side of numerous London buses, reminding audiences of the film’s release at multiple touchpoints.    

This high-frequency campaign was planned and booked by Rapport with Exterion Media. 

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