Exterion Media and Posterscope launch DOOM campaign informed by Twitter data


Exterion Media has worked closely with Posterscope and Locomizer to leverage geo-behavioural and social media insights to intelligently identify locations to target gamers for the promotion of Doom’s new video game reboot from Bethesda.

The campaign for the iconic, cult-classic game is merging social media and real world insights to fuel an Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign looking to attract the ‘Lad’ crowd.

Working with location analytics company Locomizer, Posterscope aimed to identify gaming-related Twitter activity and follows to discover where, in the real world, the game’s key target audience gathered in volume.

Exterion Media helped Posterscope to identify the optimum bus routes to ensure DOOM’s campaign will reach the right people, at the right time and in the right place by counting the number of priority audience hot-spots each bus route passed through.

This method of combining social and mobile behavioural data is brand new to the industry and showcases OOH’s ability to hone into an audience's geo-location and commute-pathways to directly influence purchase, awareness and social conversations.

The campaign was planned and booked by Target Media and Posterscope. 

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