Exterion Media gears up for accelerated growth

Out Of Home has changed in a significant way. It’s moved from a tradition of posters and billboards to become a platform for brands to harness connectivity and deliver engaging content and media that is laser focused on urban consumers on the move. 

This shift is manifesting in a focus on partnerships and increasing collaboration with brands. These already exist here at Exterion Media, with the likes of TimeOut and Proxama leading the way in revolutionising how content and media is communicated out of the home. But there needs to be a concentrated effort to accelerate this. 

Partnerships with brands will now be put at the forefront of Out Of Home businesses. This means there will be a drive to foster new relationships in the mobile, content, data, payment, infrastructure and social arenas. 

With this in mind, we’ve announced two strategic appointments that we believe will lay the foundations for accelerated growth in the sector, and ensure we continue to be right at the front of this industry change. 

We’re excited to welcome Alissa Ananieva to the new position of Director of Growth Programmes, and to promote Dan Cresta from Head of Client Strategy to Partnerships Director. 

Alissa will be responsible for driving the vision of our new CEO, Shaun Gregory, and to deliver incremental revenues. Dan will build on our existing partnerships and will develop the relationships in the crucial mobile, content, data, payment, infrastructure and social arenas. 

It’s an exciting time to be in the Out Of Home industry. Make sure keep up with our progress by following us on Twitter: @ExterionMediaUK

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