Finance Dashboards

Exterion Media Research
Our Research team have introduced a new ‘Key Audiences’ section in our Finance Dashboards. The dashboards provide instant access to finance insights from our award-winning community. It is updated every month, and all of our insights can be broken down by up to 40 different audience breaks - allowing you to delve deeper into target audiences. 

This new ‘audience’ feature takes a deeper look into the habits of 4 key urban audience segments: 
  • Payday spenders
  • Payday savers
  • Savvy safeguarders
  • Crowdfunding investors

These insights can help any brand strategically plan how to target their ideal consumer. 

Visit the dashboard and take an in-depth look at the behaviours and motivations of these valuable urbanites.

Our research team are constantly updating the insights available to you - stay up to date by visiting our website

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