How we use data and research to power our OOH offering

research and data

“Data is helping OOH put the right content, in front of the right people, at the right time.” -
Jason Cotterrell, Group Development Director, Exterion Media

On Friday, we launched our brand new Research and Data Menu, an e-booklet created to inform clients, agencies and specialists on how we use data and insight within our business. 

Research and data lies at the heart of our business. Through analysis of existing industry research and the commissioning of dedicated studies and insight tools, we have developed in-depth knowledge of our media, its role in the broader advertising landscape and our consumers. 

The launch of the Research & Data Menu is a testament to the fact we value transparency and love sharing our insight. So, in that spirit, here are just a few ways we work with research and data to keep it at the heart of our business.

research and data

1. An online community

Our pioneering community panel allows us to keep a regular dialogue with the urban audience. Through this, we’ve gathered a huge amount of data through research across a wide range of categories - everything from luxury shopping and supermarkets, to media consumption and online dating.

Over five years, we’ve recruited over 11,000 members and conducted over 230 surveys with an average of 1,500 responses per survey, ensuring that all the insight we gather is robust and reliable. 

We make sure that every panel member from the community is treated as an individual, not just as responders. We make sure that each communication we send to our community is not just timely, but welcomed – we hate spam mail as much as anyone! even has its own Twitter account, @workshopplay, where we’ll tweet our research and engage with members, partners, other researchers and industry figures. 

We also invest a lot of time into using for qualitative research. Every so often we invite members from the panel to speak directly to our clients, giving advertisers the rare chance to talk with relevant people from their target market, face-to-face.

research and data

2. Transparency
We’ve built a huge portfolio of data and research over the five years has been live, and we’ve made that data publically accessible, via our research dashboards.

We’ve also worked hard to create a huge bank of case studies showcasing the effectiveness of our media. This includes over 100 case studies from across all our OOH environments, spanning a wide range of product categories and campaign objectives.

Good research shouldn’t be kept behind closed doors – we invest a lot of time into gathering data and we want to make our work as transparent as possible. These dashboards can be used by anyone, from start-ups to huge enterprises, to help them assess the role OOH advertising can play in their marketing strategy.

Also, we regularly take new research to clients and agencies through regular roadshows, events and external presentations.

research and data

3. Abi
As the largest transport media owner in the UK, it’s important that we understand our audiences journey patterns, as well as what they like and dislike.

Abi (Audience Behavioural Insight) is a tool powered by Telefónica, which uses data pulled from a universe of 25 million O2 devices across the UK. It allows us to better understand stations and audiences on London Underground and analyse data on the following levels:

Station Down – a station or group of stations can be analysed to provide insight such as:

• Entry/Exit
• Demographics
• Interests
• Home Location
• Daypart

Audience Up – an audience can be defined by demographic and/ or interest categories. This allows us to see exactly where and when a specific audience can be targeted.

Abi has been a huge step forward in how we apply data to the way we plan and optimise OOH campaigns, and demonstrates our continued investment in partnerships, data and insight to better understand our audience.

research and data

You can read more about, our case studies, Abi and many other topics not covered in this article, in our new Research and Data menu

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