How well do you know the tube map?

Seasoned Londoners pride themselves on their knowledge of the Tube map. Whether it’s using ‘secret’ shortcuts on the Victoria Line or possessing an encyclopaedic understanding of the best exits to take at Euston, a good grasp of London Underground’s intricacies is a badge of honour to be earned over time. It’s easy to think that you’ve long since achieved that acclaim, but do you know which line Goldhawk Road is on, or which two lines you would need to travel on to get from Liverpool Street to London Bridge? BuzzFeed has published a quiz to help you find out exactly that, and even London’s most accomplished commuters may find the results surprising. From north to south, east to west, the Tube spans everything that we love about London, and we never miss an opportunity to make sure our knowledge of the map is finely tuned. Have a go at BuzzFeed’s Tube map quiz for yourself here.

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