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With the UK currently in a period of uncertainty, we decided to take a closer look into the urban audiences’ current behaviours and motivations towards the property market at the moment.

Over two thirds (69%) of the urban audience are planning on moving house in the next 5 years – and of these, 57% are planning on buying their next home.

Property search websites/ apps are key when it comes to house-hunting, with 57% having used them when they last moved house. However, this isn’t the only avenue the urban audience use. 29% said they consulted friends/ family for advice and 27% went to a high street estate agent to help them in their search too. 

Most find out about property website/ apps by browsing online (71%). However, recommendations from friends/ family (38%), social media (29%), advertising (28%) and online reviews (24%) are also important. 

Overall, 81% of urbanites agree that property search websites/ apps have made it a lot easier for people to find new properties, showing positivity towards these kinds of services among urbanites during their property searches.

48% of the urban audience agree that the current economic climate makes them nervous about buying a new house – and 82% feel more needs to be done to make it easier for people to get on the property ladder. 86% agree that people should know more about government schemes that make it easier to get on the housing ladder. 

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