Urbanites dig deep for good causes


From bucket-challenges to bake sales, it seems like there’s never been more ways to get involved with charities! We decided to take a deeper look into the giving habits of the urban audience, in our latest work.shop.play. study.

Urbanites are a rather generous audience, and money seems to be the top type of donation; 65% say they’ve made a monetary contribution to charity in the last 12 months - increasing to 77% of Londoners. 

The urban audience are also keen to get actively involved with helping charities, with nearly a third (32%) having supported/ taken part in a charity event in the last 12 months and 28% having volunteered! In fact, 57% say they enjoy giving up their time to help others – the urban audience is clearly one that has an appetite to get involved more.

There are many reasons for this audience choosing to donate to specific charities; because it’s a cause they believe in (62%), because someone close to them was helped by the charity/ affected by what the charity does (41%), because of a crisis (19%) or simply as a spur of the moment decision (17%). 

However, whilst they enjoy donating to charity – both money and time – 4 in 5 urbanites say they don’t want to be pressured to commit long term when doing so. 

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