Wearable tech is on the rise - use Exterion Media’s Tech Research Hub to unlock new insights on the tech-savvy urban audience

Wearable Technology Exterion Media

Understanding audiences is key to Exterion Media’s business, and our award-winning consumer panel of 11,000 members, work.shop.play., allows us to have unique and regular dialogue with valuable urban audiences across the UK. 

According to our work.shop.play. panel members, the appetite for wearable tech among the urban audience has changed over the last few years – a huge 51% of the panel are considering buying wearable tech in the next year, increasing to an even larger 65% of 16-24s.

Health and fitness related tech appear to be key items driving interest in this arena. Armbands and wristbands are the most popular form of wearable technology for urbanites - increasing in popularity by 8% since 2014.

Audiences are also keen to explore new developments in the market. The desire for gadgets and new technology is wide-spread among 16-24s - 44% admit to wanting the latest in pioneering gadgets and 27% plan to spend more on tech in the next year compared with last year. 

When it comes to tech, there’s a vast amount of insight to unlock. This is why we’ve designed the ‘Tech Research Hub’ – an online, interactive tool that brands can use to find out more about the urban consumer’s attitudes to technology. The hub is free, easily accessible and enables more in-depth analysis and investigation - showcasing exciting new opportunities for brands to reach these tech-savvy consumers.

Visit the Tech Research Hub for a closer look into the attitudes and behaviours of the urban audience, and discover how best to reach them when they’re Out-of-Home. 

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