have a passion for fashion

With London Fashion Week just around the corner, our team has been busy uncovering people’s attitudes to, and relationships with, fashion and beauty.  

And it turns out the urban audience and fashion go together like Sienna Miller and boho-chic. Not only are they interested in fashion - 1 in 5 read fashion or beauty blogs – they’re also tech-savvy, keeping up to date with the latest trends by using social media sites such as Facebook (57%) and Instagram (64%).

But it’s not all about social media. In London especially, people are influenced by their surroundings. In fact, 58% of Londoners agree that they are often inspired by fashion and beauty images that they see whilst they’re out and about. This is great news for fashion and beauty brands using Out-of-Home advertising – you’re reaching an engaged and receptive audience when they’re actively looking to be influenced.

WSP fashion

When it comes to beauty, it seems urbanites are thrifty - 89% consider price to be an important factor when purchasing skincare and beauty products, and  67% agree that special offers also influence their decision. Who doesn’t love a bargain? But they’re ethical too -  the second most important factor in their purchase decision is that the products haven’t been tested on animals.  

We’re looking forward to London Fashion Week from 12th-16th September and based on these findings, no doubt some of our panelists are too!

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