Meet the Team

At Exterion Media, we believe in investing in our people, and nurturing a strong and inclusive company culture as we continue our journey to becoming a Digital Media Company powered by data. We’re lucky to be led by a team of talented and inspirational people.

Meet our Leadership Team:

Jason CotterrellJason Cotterrell

Managing Director & Group Chief Strategy Officer

Nigel ClarksonNigel Clarkson

Chief Revenue Officer

 Anthony Booker

 Finance Director - UK and Group

 Karen Rumble

 People and Culture Director

Adrian LovejoyAdrian Lovejoy

Service Delivery Director

Gavin Brice

Gavin Brice

Franchise and Asset Director

Mick Ridley Mick Ridley

 Chief Data Officer

Mark Heather

Mark Heather

EM National Sales Director

Tony Ramirez

Tony Ramirez

EM Local Sales Director

Richard Simkins

Richard Simkins

Creative Solutions Director

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