Tube carriage ads capture attention and drive people online


The Challenge

A specialist in a highly competitive market, the bespoke furniture brand wanted to increase awareness of their promotions and drive people to their website.

The Execution

Throughout the course of 2015, the bespoke furniture brand ran an extensive advertising campaign inside London Underground tube carriages (on TCPs). 

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics over 4 weeks, between the 7th of September –  the 4th of October. The study was conducted in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 750 respondents aged 16+. 

The test group consisted of Londoners and those who had used the LU within the last 2 weeks (n = 550), measuring those who recalled vs. who did not recall. The control group was made up of other UK residents who had not travelled in or around London (n = 200). 

The Results

The tube carriage adverts not only improved people’s perceptions of the brand, but drove people to the bespoke furniture brand website and significantly improved purchase consideration, enabling this small brand to punch above its weight in a highly competitive market.

Bespoke furniture brand
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Ad recall

44% of regular Tube users recalled the ad

Driving action

32% of tube users that recalled went on to take any action towards the bespoke furniture brand (compared to 2% who didn’t recall)

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