LU digital ads tempt Tube users to purchase a breakfast bar


The Challenge

The company wanted to promote their breakfast bar brand by advertising on the London Underground (LU) and persuading Tube users who eat breakfast on the go to purchase the breakfast bar to kick start their morning. 

The Execution

In November 2014, the company ran a digital outdoor campaign using LCDs on the LU. 

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 750 adults aged 18+. 

The test group consisted of Londoners who have used the LU in the past 2 weeks (n = 500) and a control group from the rest of the UK who have not used the LU in the last 2 months (n = 250). 

The Results

The digital ads on the LU helped promote the breakfast bar and encouraged Tube users to go purchase the product.  

1/2 of non-cereal bar eaters who saw the digital ads were converted and bought the breakfast bar. 86% of Tube users who saw the breakfast bar ads on the LU were non cereal bar eaters. Of these: 

  • 29% added the breakfast bars to their shopping list
  • 58% either bought it for themselves or somebody else
  • 15% also spoke to others about the ad they saw on the LU

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1 in 3 Tube users recalled the digital ads


1/2 of Tube users who are non-cereal bar eaters and saw the digital ads were converted and bought the breakfast bar

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