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  • Improved brand perceptions

Bus ad exposure has a significant impact on action towards a breakfast drink brand

The Challenge

The breakfast drinks company wanted to raise brand awareness in the UK, specifically amongst their key audiences. They also hoped to make it an aspirational product for teenagers.

The Execution

In 2015, the breakfast drinks company ran a bus advertising campaign to raise national awareness of a new product. The medium was supported by a wider media campaign across press, pre-roll video and radio.

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 600 respondents.

All urban/suburban dwellers – 40% London, 45% key Urban cities, 15% elsewhere in the UK

Audience 1: 16-34 yr olds (60% 16-20yrs), 33% never/rarely eat breakfast, 33% eat breakfast at home, 33% eat breakfast on the go/elsewhere

Audience 2:  head of household females with child/ren aged 12-20yrs living at home

The Results

Ad recall significantly increased the likelihood to purchase the breakfast drink. There is also a positive shift in attitude towards the brand when ads are recalled, with those who saw the ad significantly likely to see the brand as cool and modern.

Breakfast Drink

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New customers

1 in 3 who recalled the bus ads stated that it makes them want to buy this breakfast drink

Improving perceptions

Brand perceptions improved among those exposed to the bus ads, with 37% agreeing that it's modern, and 33% seeing the breakfast drink brand as cool