Iconic digital screens at Canary Wharf deliver high impact for campaigns across a range of different categories


The Challenge

Exterion Media wanted to showcase the valuable audience at Canary Wharf and how the iconic digital screens in this station can drive engagement with a variety of brands

The Execution

In March 2017, Exterion Media ran an ad-effectiveness research study looking at 8 different brands running high impact campaigns on the iconic digital screens at Canary Wharf – one of Exterion Media’s most premium environments. 

The 8 brands measured chose this format in order to maximise impact and tap into one of London’s most valuable audiences. This case study showcases results for a new film launch, a tourism board and two car brands advertising at the time.

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. We conducted 217 face-to-face interviews supplemented with 32 interviews online, in order to make sure we reached this premium audience. The sample consisted of ABC1 adults, 18-64 year olds (60% males/40% females).

All of those interviewed (face-to-face and online) had used Canary Wharf Tube station frequently over the two weeks when the campaigns were live.

The Results

Canary Wharf digital campaigns proved successful, delivering strong results for brands across a range of different categories. The iconic digital screens were an effective platform to launch a new film and drove action towards a travel brand. They were also the optimum environment to advertise for two premium car brands.

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Ad recall

77% of the total sample recalled at least 1 of the 8 digital ads measured at Canary Wharf

Driving interaction

67% of all commuters at Canary Wharf have interacted with at least one the brands advertising at this station in the past two weeks (vs. 21% who did not recall)

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