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  • Improved brand perceptions

Higher exposure to LU ads increases positivity and interest in the brand

The Challenge

The international car rental company wanted to raise brand awareness amongst Londoners. Alongside this, the car rental company was also hoping to drive an increase in brand consideration.

The Execution

In July 2015, the car rental company ran a high impact Out of Home advertising campaign taking over Canary Wharf London Underground station. Advertising formats included: lower level vinyl, pillars, ticket gateways and escalator handrails.
In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 400 ABC1 respondents.
50% male and 50% female
20% 25-29, 40% 30-39 and 40% 40-49

Test Sample: Have started or ended their journey at Canary Wharf station at least once in the past 2 weeks
Control Sample: Have not used Canary Wharf station in the past 4 weeks

The Results

The Test audience see the car rental company as a brand that offers new and high quality cars.

Improved perceptions

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Increased Awareness

74% of those who recalled the ad saw it at least once a week.

Improved Positivity

48% of those who saw the ad agreed that the company offers high quality vehicles