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The London Underground campaign drove Tube users to purchase the charity organisation's products

The Challenge

An annual initiative of the charity organisation aimed to improve perceptions of the brand and encourage consumers to stand up for farmers around the world by purchasing more of the charity’s products at this time.

The Execution

In March 2016, the charity organisation ran a London-only campaign across cinema, online, OOH (TCPs, 6s) and a large digital screen at Holborn Eye. In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 700 ABC1 respondents:
•37% males, 63% females
•14% 18-24 years, 46% 25-34 years and 40% 35-44 years Test Sample: London Tube users Control Sample: Non-Tube users who live outside of London

The Results

The campaign had a significant impact on perceptions of Fairtrade, and on the action taken towards the brand. As a result, 40% of London Tube users bought the charity organisation’s products after seeing the Tube ads.


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Ad recall

2 in 5 London Tube users recalled at least one of the charity’s Tube ads

Drove purchase

40% of London Tube users who recalled the ads bought the charity's products (vs. 19% who did not recall)