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  • Case Study Stat - Fashion Retailer 3

Multiple visits to LU stations improve fashion retailer ad recall

The Challenge

A successful high street fashion retailer, wanted to raise brand awareness and drive footfall to stores in key cities throughout the UK.

The Execution

In 2015, the fashion retailer ran an Out of Home advertising campaign to amplify the TV advertising that was also running for the brand. The Out of Home campaign could be seen in London Underground stations, on buses, as well as, in shopping malls.

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 800 female respondents aged between 18-39 years.

Test Sample: 37.5% London, 37.5% key Urban cities

Control Sample: 25% other UK cities

The Results

Multiple visits to London Underground stations where the campaign was live significantly improved ad recall. Ad exposure also had an impact on future action towards the brand, with respondents who recall the ads being more likely to want to buy clothes from the fashion retailer.

Fashion retailer 2 - graph showing number of times seen

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Increased recall

Those who have visited 4+ LU stations are significantly more likely to recall the campaign (72%)

Drives interaction

1 in 5 who recently saw the LU ads searched for the fashion retailer brand online