Manchester campaign helped to increase brand awareness with commuters


The Execution

In November and December 2017, a popular gaming franchise ran a campaign on Exterion Media formats throughout multiple regions in the UK, looking to target gamers. 

They ran part of their campaign in Manchester on Metro link passenger panels and a wrapped tram. 

The campaign ran in Manchester from 6th November until the 17th December with interviewing taking place between 15th – 20th December 

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 2,729 respondents:

2,022 Nationally representative
707 Regional boost

Boost Sample: Boost sample consists of people who live, work or frequently visit Glasgow (302), Manchester (203) and Newcastle (202).

Nat Rep Sample: Nationally representative of age, gender, location and SEG, including 264 respondents from London. 

Frequent commuters are respondents who travel once a week or more on their local mode of transport. 

The Results

Exterion Media assets in Manchester proved to be highly effective amongst respondents living in this region, with a third of Manchester’s frequent commuters recalling the gaming brand’s ads. 

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Key stats

Driving interaction

81% of Manchester respondents who recalled the ad have interacted with the game in the past two weeks e.g. gone online, played (vs. 12% who did not recall)

Boosting consideration amongst commuters

42% of frequent Manchester Metro users would consider playing the game in the next few months (vs. 18% infrequent Manchester Metro users)

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