Innovative London Underground domination generates high levels of awareness, driving commuter interaction


The Challenge

Ad recall improved brand  perceptions and drove commuters to take action

The Execution

In May 2018, a gin brand ran a campaign on Exterion Media formats within the London Underground to promote their newly-launched gin. 

The campaign consisted of a domination on Oxford Circus 5 Ways and escalators. The campaign also included Long Postings and 16 sheets across the London Underground network.

The campaign ran from 7th – 20th May with interviewing taking place between 18th – 28th May. In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. 

The sample consisted of 750 respondents, all ABC1 and 18-54 years old. Of those, 556 are Tube users and 216 are recent Oxford Circus station users (visited at least once in the past two weeks).

The Results

The campaign proved to be highly effective in increasing the brand’s reach and increasing both recent interaction and future consideration when respondents were exposed to all formats

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Key stats

Driving interaction

79% of Oxford Circus station users who recall the ad have taken some action towards the brand in the past two weeks

Future consideration

84% of Oxford Circus station users who recalled both ad formats are likely to buy the brand in the next few months

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