Glasgow Subway advertising formats help to increase awareness, driving subway users to take action


The Execution
In November and December 2017, Exterion Media carried out an ad-effectiveness research study looking at 4 different brands running a variety of campaign formats throughout Glasgow Subway. These included wrapped tram, tube car panels, 4 sheets, 6 sheets, 48 sheets and LEP.
In order to capture the effectiveness of these campaigns, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 302 respondents from Glasgow (work, live or visit at least 3x per week).
The Results
The Glasgow Subway campaigns proved successful, delivering strong results for brands across a range of different categories. The variety of formats proved to be effective in increasing positive opinions of a shopping centre, keeping a TV network brand top of mind with a high spontaneous recall and targeting the correct market for the gaming brand.

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Drives Recall

83% of frequent Glasgow Subway users recall seeing at least one of the shopping centre ads

Drives Interaction

88% of those who recalled seeing the gaming ads have interacted with the brand in the past 2 weeks

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