LU advertising drives consideration and increases the likelihood for purchase of a haircare product


The Challenge

One of the UK’s Number 1 haircare products wanted a campaign to drive awareness and clarity of its range of products available.

The Execution

In March 2015, the haircare brand ran a 2-week, high impact London Underground (LU) campaign, combining X-Tracks (2 x 48 sheets side-by-side) and digital escalator panels (DEPs). This was supported by a wider media campaign across TV, press, digital, experiential and PPC.

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 750 x females:

25% 18-34, 50% 35-54 and 25% 55+

75% ABC1, 25% C2DE

Test Sample: London only, used LU past 2 weeks

Control Sample: Rest of UK, not used LU past few months

The Results

Those exposed to the haircare brand campaign on the London Underground have a significantly more positive brand perception. It is also clear that the medium stands out to the target haircare brand audience.

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Drives Positivity

73% of those who saw the LU campaign perceived the brand to be quality at an affordable price, and 69% saw it as a solution to their hair type

Advertising Fit

8 in 10 tube users believe the London Underground to be a good place to advertise the haircare brand - showing campaign synergy

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