Campaign worked to drive recall and future interaction with the technology organisation among those in Manchester


The Challenge

A technology organisation wanted to raise awareness and drive action towards their IT recruitment campaign among those based in Manchester.

The Execution

Across Q1 and Q2 in 2017, a multi-format OOH campaign was planned across Exterion Media platforms. The formats that were used included:

- Bus Rears

- Wrapped Tram

- Landmark at Manchester Victoria station

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 2,300 respondents:

- 2,000 nationally representative

- 300 test sample targeting Manchester only

Test sample: consists of respondents who work, live in or visit at least x3 a week in Manchester.

Nat rep sample: nationally representative of age, gender, location and SEG.

The Results

The results of the multi-format campaign show that increased exposure to the OOH campaign drove future interaction. What’s more, the campaign worked to cut through to the target audience, consisting those looking to move jobs soon.

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Ad recall

32% of respondents in Manchester (where the campaign has run) recalled at least one of the OOH ads for the technology organisation

Audience synergy

48% of those who work in IT or have a member of their household in the industry have seen the advertising

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