Multi-format campaign boosts ad recall and drives interactions for a nasal spray brand


The Challenge

A nasal spray brand wanted to drive brand awareness and be top of mind in their product category amongst commuters.

The Execution

Between December 2016 –January 2017, a nasal spray brand ran a multi-format campaign across London Underground (Tube Car Panels and LCDs) and Bus (T-sides, Supersides, Rears and Bus Interior Panels). The Digital element of this campaign targeted commuters at times when temperatures dropped below 4℃.
In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 1,700 respondents, 18-64 year olds over 2 x waves of activity:

Test Sample: Live and/or work in key UK cities where ads were running, visit the city centre at least once per week (with potential to be exposed to Bus campaign).London Test sub-sample: Live in or work in/visit London at least x3 per week and have used the LU in the past two weeks AND use the LU at least x2 per week.

Control Sample: Do not live/work in any of the cities where the Exterion Media ads ran/have not visited any of them in the past 3 months (not exposed to the campaign).

The Results

Results indicate that Bus and London Underground formats provided a high level of ad recall. Multiple ads across these two environments worked in conjunction to boost interactions with the nasal spray brand.

nasal spray chart 1
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Ad recall

58% of all London respondents recalled at least one of the nasal spray brand Out-Of-Home ads

Driving conversation

24% of those who recalled the ads have talked to someone about the nasal spray brand/the ad (vs. 3% who did not recall)

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