LU and bus ads drove usage and engagement for an on Demand service


The Challenge

A leading on demand service wanted to raise brand awareness and drive usage. As this is a highly competitive market it is important for this on demand service that they are recognised as the place to watch the latest movies & TV shows. 

The Execution

In November 2014, the on demand service ran a campaign in London using High Street Buses (Supersides) as well as TCPs & posters on the London Underground (LU). 

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 750 adults, Target 1: ABC1 16-34 & Target 2: Females with children 17 or under.

The test group consisted of Londoners and those who had used the LU within the last 2 weeks (n = 500). The control group was made up of other UK residents who had not travelled in or around London (n = 250). 

The Results

The results show that people exposed to the OOH campaign had significantly higher levels of awareness and  a tendency to recommend or use this on demand service. The campaign drove people to either talk to someone about the service or use it for streaming themselves. 

VOD Service LU
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Word of mouth

26% of those who recalled the London Undeground ads would talk to someone about the service (vs. 10% who did not recall)

Driving usage

25% of those who recalled the ads on the London Underground would watch movies using the On Demand Service (vs. 13% who did not recall)

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