LU campaign increased future consideration and current interaction with estate agent's target audience


The Challenge

To increase campaign awareness amongst the brand’s target audience and attract new users

The Execution

In February 2018, an emotional wellbeing brand ran a campaign on Exterion Media formats within the London Underground, targeting purchasers of natural healthcare products.

They ran a multiformat campaign on Tube Carriage Panels, 16 sheets and Train Carriage Panels.

The campaign ran from 12th February until the 25th February with interviewing taking place between 23rd – 28th February.

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research.

The sample consisted of 748 respondents, all ABC1 and 18-54 years old:

  • 533 Test respondents – Live, work or travel 3 times a week in London and use the Tube at least twice a week
  • 341 Target Audience respondents – prefer natural healthcare products within the Test sample
  • 215 Control respondents – Do not live, work or travel 3 times a week in London and not used the Tube in the past 3 months

The Results

The brand’s campaign proved to be highly effective, not only in reaching the brand’s target audience but also in increasing their brand interaction and future consideration.


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Driving Interaction

61% of the target audience who recalled at least one of the ads took some action towards the brand

Brand consideration

69% of Tube users who recalled the ads would consider using the brand in the next few months

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