Online supermarket advertising campaign strongly attributed to LU ads


The Challenge

The online supermarket found itself in a crowded marketplace competing against well-established supermarkets. As a result, the online supermarket wanted to ensure its brand is front of mind with commuters to prompt online grocery shopping once they’re home.

The Execution

In June 2015, the online supermarket ran a high impact London Underground (LU) campaign combining both static and digital escalator panels in high footfall stations.

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 700 respondents.

50% male and 50% female

40% 18-34, 44% 35-54 and 16% 55+

Test Sample: London only, used LU past 2 weeks

Control Sample: Rest of UK, not used LU past few months

The Results

Those who recalled seeing the online supermarket advertising were more likely to attribute this to formats found on the London Underground.

Online supermarket - graph showing LU attribution

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1 in 3 who recalled the advertising for the online supermarket attributed it to the LU ads

Positive impact

15% who saw the LU ads followed the online supermarket on social media after seeing them

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