LU digital panels increase brand awareness, salience and call to action for a premium car brand


The Challenge

For the launch of their new model, the brand wanted to effectively reach car enthusiasts that work in London, looking to increase awareness and consideration among this core target audience. The campaign also aimed to drive commuters online to interact with video content that complemented the London Underground ads.

The Execution

In July 2017, the brand chose to utilise Exterion Media’s Digital Escalator Panels (DEPs) with a Network Pack in London in order to maximise impact and tap into the valuable London Underground commuter audience. 

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 450 respondents:

  • 70% Males and 30% Female

  • 25-55 years old

Test Sample: London Tube users (300)
Control Sample: Non-Tube users (150)

The Results

Half of London Tube users recalled seeing the brand’s DEPs, showing that the digital screens were highly impactful at getting commuters attention, driving nearly 3 in 5 consumers to interact with the car brand. 

Exterion Media - Premium car Brand Case Study - 72% felt the ads inspired to them to find out more

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Increased consideration among Tube users

72% of Tube users who recalled the ad said the ad made them want to find out more

Drove interaction online

37% of Tube users who recalled the ads have interacted with the brand online

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