Bus campaign worked to inform the audience, driving people to take action towards two films


The Challenge

The distributors wanted to promote their latest science fiction and superhero film releases to the general public. 

The Execution

In July 2015, Exterion Media undertook research in both London and Manchester to measure the effect of the National T-side Bus campaigns for two films over a period of two weeks. 
In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics in association with BDRC Continental. 
In terms of methodology, the research saw a slightly different approach, which had the aim of measuring the audience’s reaction to the advertising at different stages throughout the day and assess the differences. Therefore, respondents were interviewed both at home, as well as when out and about. The sample consisted of 463 adults aged 16+ and all groups were matched by gender, age and social grade. 

The Results

Recall of the campaign proved fairly even for both test groups, however the test groups were significantly more likely to have noticed the ads when compared to the control group. In addition, perceptions were much improved and calls to action had a significantly higher rate when people were interviewed OOH.

Science Fiction  Superhero FilmgraphRT

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Drives online

60% of people tested at out of home said the ad encouraged them to look up the Science Fiction Film on their phones

Drives action

44% of people tested at home said they were planning on watching the film at the cinema

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