LU digital ads captivate the tech audience and drive search online for a smartphone brand


The Challenge

An online retailer wanted to raise awareness of their smartphone and drive consideration to purchase within an already competitive smartphone market. 

The Execution

In November 2014, the retailer ran a digital outdoor campaign on the London Underground (LU) using DEPs and LCD screens.  

To measure the success of this campaign, post campaign ad-effectiveness research was carried out in association with Dipsticks, using a sample of 750 adults, 18+. 

Test areas include Londoners who have used the LU in the past 2 weeks (n= 500) and a control group selected from the rest of the UK who have not used the LU in the past 2 months (n=250). 

The Results

Those exposed to the LU ad campaign were significantly more likely to investigate the smartphone in the last 2 weeks, go on to recommend the smartphone and consider purchasing the phone itself. 

55% of those who recalled the ad searched online or looked up prices of  the smartphone in the last 2 weeks


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Drives awareness

Brand awareness was higher for Tube users who recalled the smartphone ads (62%) compared to those who did not recall the ads (47%)

Drives purchase

3 in 5 people exposed to the LU ads were more likely to purchase the smartphone

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