Ad recall drives recent brand interaction, with the campaign winning new fans of the Snacking Brand range


The Challenge

The Snacking Brand was looking to launch a new product in its range of snacks, with an OOH campaign that aimed to drive awareness, understanding of the product and subsequent purchase.

The Execution

The London Underground hosted DEPs and 16 sheets over a two-week period across a number of stations, along with a planned sampling campaign outside select stations.

The LU campaign was supported by a 4-week long bus campaign – showcasing NBFL wraps – to stand out amongst the busy London streets.

To assess campaign effectiveness, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 1,000 ABC1C2 respondents:
All aged between 25-44 years, 60% females, 40% males
All agreed with statements about food or health 

Test Sample: London Tube users
Control Sample: Non-Tube users/not visited London P3M

The Results

A multi-format campaign worked to drive consideration among both fans of this brand and non-fans, having a significant impact on recent interaction with the brand.

Snacking brand graph

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Driving purchase

1 in 5 Tube users who recalled the ads bought the Snacking Brand

Driving purchase

62% of London Tube users who did not select the Snacking Brand as one of their favourite choices of crisps would buy the brand in future

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