Tube carriage panel ads work to capture attention, prompting people to take action


The Challenge

Tube car panels are a high dwell time format which is actively read and seen as a welcome distraction from the Tube car environment. 

Exterion Media wanted to prove the value that advertisers can get from tapping into this highly effective format.

The Execution

In December 2015, Exterion Media ran an ad-effectiveness research study, looking at 3 brands running high impact campaigns inside London Underground (LU) tube carriages.

In order to capture the effectiveness of these campaigns, we measured key campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. 
The sample consisted of 740 respondents aged 18-44, 50% male & 50% female, all ABC1. The test group was composed of people living & working in London at least 3 times a week.

The Results

The tube carriage ads proved effective in captivating the audience, driving people to take action towards the brands. In addition, tube carriage panels were seen as a good place to advertise, showing audience synergy.

TCP Effectiveness_graph_RT

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Audience synergy

79% of all London tube users liked seeing adverts in this environment

Drives action

3 in 4 London tube users have responded to an advertisement seen on London Underground tube carriages

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