LU ads persuade Tube users to purchase this classic whiskey

The Challenge

This whiskey brand wanted to bring the story & heritage of their brand to life, and position their classic whisky as the go-to brand for Tube users who enjoy a nice drink.

The Execution

Between Oct-Nov 2014, the whiskey brand ran an ad campaign to promote their famous whiskey on the London Underground (LU).

In order to capture the effectiveness of this campaign, we measured campaign metrics, in association with Dipsticks Research. The sample consisted of 600 adults 18+, 75% males and 77% ABC1.

The test group consisted of frequent Tube users who use the Tube  at least once a week (n = 300) & less frequent Tube users (n = 192), and the control group was made up of people who never use the Tube (n = 108).

The Results

People using the LU, and in particular frequent Tube users, were much more likely to recall the classic brand, and were also more likely to go out and purchase the product as a result of seeing the LU advertising. 

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Drives awareness

64% of frequent Tube Users have seen the classic whiskey ads on the LU

Drives action

73% of those who saw the LU ads are likely to consider purchasing this whiskey brand drink in the future

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